Since 1777 when the Age of Balance began, a long age of peace reigned. There were many factors in it changing, but the nation of Mingxia was one of the largest contributors. Their leaders had quelled wars, and inspired a great focus into the arts, and furthering the world's technology to better the lives of its inhabitants. Things would continue to be relatively calm for several hundred years. Life is not without its turbulence, though.
The current year is 2027 SL. The sky and waters are both clear off the south east coast. The city of Hongni is not nearly one of the largest ports in the country, or even the region. It is however a popular starting point for a lot of Bubble Dragons and foreigners to come in and try to make a living.
The airplane about to land is also experiencing turbulence. Less seasoned travelers gripping their armrests in shock and confusion. Soon to be comforted as the visuals outside are that of their destination. Landing to experience a new life, or returning to their old lives depending on the individual.
Our story will have a mixture of both.

Traveling alone is certainly one of the least compelling ways to go somewhere. The terminals are all just filled with assorted groups of strangers wanting to sell you food or duty free merchandise. All one usually wants to do is find a chair and wait for the connecting flight, or in our first character's case: Get out of the airport.

Not knowing anyone in a foreign land is unpleasant. Not knowing almost anything at all is probably worse. Those are the breaks when you are a Wraith, though. Living again with some shreds of ghostly abilities, and none of the baggage of your past. Not even the good things.
Assuming this particular Wraith made the transition willingly, it is safe to assume that the good things were not a significant factor.

Further is walking through town. She has a place to stay in mind. An Inn she made arrangements for a room before she flew here. It is still day time, and it's probably a good idea for her to try and get a job. She is also hungry.
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