Further enjoys the music that Krasavits plays alongside Hashidoi. The woman standing at the hotel lobby's counter stares at the group with an unenthusiastic expression.
“I think the nice clerk wants some clarification, Further milady,” Krasavits stops playing her instrument and follows along with the wraith to the front desk.
“Welcome to Lilac Inn,” the furred woman speaks dry and monotone while leaning upon her own hand and staring blankly towards Further, “the finest hotel in all of Mingxia. It is your lucky day. My name is Louju, how may I assist you?”
“I requested more room and another bed for my stay here, I am already registered. This fine lamia, Krasavits, will be staying with me.” Krasavits leans in and gives the clerk a wave of her hand including wiggling fingers. She does appear to be examining Further, however.
“I see, so the very talented musician who may or may not be effecting my business with her musical wiles shall be sharing your room. I will make a note of it.”

Hashidoi smiles and waves, and speaks sharply to interrupt.
“Sorry, but I need to get going. I'm going to go see Meyeri. Feel free to stop by tomorrow when you have a moment. It was nice meeting you both.”

“Miss Further,” Luoju speaks after the group finishes their goodbyes, “Please enjoy your room, and have a good rest. Is there anything else you require?”
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