Further requests a rundown of the general area from Louju. She gives a local map with an incredible lack of urgency.
Notable locations on the map: Airport, Beach, Farm, Hunters' Guild, Police, Bank, Lilac Inn, Blacksmith, Bar, Flower Shop, Market, Theater, Clinic, and the Fire Station.

Most importantly for Further, she now knows exactly where the Hunters are, so she can go in for work in the morning.

Krasavits removes her top once she is safe in the hotel room. However, Further is unaffected by her wiles. Further is safe inside of the fort she has constructed of all the pillows from both beds, as well as most of the blankets.
Krasavits is mildly frustrated.
Further is giggling happily inside of her fort.

It is time to rest. Resting can recover some stats, although no one is in need of it at this time.
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