Krasavits does not have any anti-venom to apply to Further’s wound. She is going to need help. She does now have in mind that she should in fact prepare anti-venom serums for any future accidents.

Soon the phone started ringing a couple of blocks away. It was late, and the person who ran the clinic was not expecting anything. They rush to the phone and answer it. A soft but distressed voice carries in through their receiver. The orca’s night was no longer going to be uneventful.
This orca is named Meyeri. It appears they have a job to do.
“Are you in any state to travel here, or should I go over to the Lilac? If you can make it here, it would be better. I’d have access to all of my supplies and gear,” Meyeri explains to the lamia over the phone.

Whichever choice is made, urgency is probably desired.
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