Meyeri regards the ticket that Hashidoi dropped off earlier. It was very sweet of her to get one, but it was also a strange matter over whether or not it was a date. Meyeri suspects that it was intended to be one but it was not actually asked. They decide to get up and start preparing for the injured to arrive at the Clinic.

Krasavits felt pretty horrible. She probably pushed the seductive aspect a little too far, but it was a little late for that. The mood was fairly ruined for the time being.
When the lamia arrives, Meyeri rushes Further into a room to lay down, and has Krasavits milk some of her venom so a few doses of anti-venom can be made. “A wraith, hm? Neither of you seem local, are you going to be trouble for me often?” The Orca watches Further and starts to treat the wound, hoping to avoid any complications.

An incredibly loud gunshot pierces through the air.
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