There is no way that this hit is against the army itself. Dooryard watches closely to ensure the target of the stranger with the rifle. While it isn’t laser sighted, Dooryard can pick up the trajectory pretty well. It is appearing that the gunman is aiming toward The Librarian’s Heart.

It could be a distraction, and I need to keep on guard. That is what Dooryard has been hired to do for the time being. The Librarian is said to be Emperor Jianyu’s favorite in more ways than one. The Librarian is not a small creature. She stands at about twelve feet tall. She just really, really, loves to read books. She is in charge of the Library at the Palace at the nation’s capital.
That may be why Dooryard was hired to be on guard. The Librarian’s interest in the books in the port city of Hongni is very enthusiastic, and she is too friendly to be trusted for discretion by herself.

Attacking one of the Moon Guard could be to draw someone out, or cause them to change their plans for some other strategy. The soldier and the higher ups are well aware that trouble is brewing. The important part is keeping that away from the public.
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