Dooryard asks about books that may relate to the assailant, but the Librarian needs a clue or something to go on to research it.
He asks if it was possible the Librarian could find something in regards to his Deity, Lilac.
“I’ll keep an eye out!” She responds excitedly delving into the library shortly after with Dooryard as her only visible lookout. There are other soldiers posted, but their job is not as direct.

The gunshot from Dooryard’s rifle had unbeknownst to him frightened the folk inside of a small clinic. Despite the worrying situation, Meyeri has spent their time crafting the anti-venom to treat Further. Krasavits is not handling the situation very good. Meyeri is curious what they should do:
Treating Further is likely a high priority.
Contacting someone about the gunshot and finding out what the danger is.
Consoling Krasavits, the lamia was already upset poisoning Further & the blast.
Mixing a nice stiff drink for themselves (and maybe the other two).

Meyeri sighs. They realize that if things are not particularly safe, Krasavits and Further are going to have to stay the night. How troublesome!
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