Meyeri scoots over to start mixing some drinks for both themselves and Krasavits at minimum. While they are working at that, Krasavits take up Further to hold whilst she recovers.

“After watching you work, I’ve been asking myself this big strong lady how did she end up in the medical field?” Krasavits inquires toward the orca.
They.” Meyeri spits out, their disgust and discontent pouring out with the word, their immediate correction of Krasavits’ statement.

There is a short pause before Krasavits responds with, “I’m very sorry, Meyeri. I did not know, I will not make the mistake in the future.”
“Thank you,” Meyeri’s voice softens as the words escape.

Further stirs, but is still not conscious.
“What kind of drink would you like me to make you, Krasavits?” Meyeri requests.
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