”Rise, Dragon. Dragon arise.”
Hashidoi cracks her eye open with a mixture of fury and confusion. She was mostly sure she was awake and she really did not want to be awake. The Kibai ran her restaurant in the afternoon to late night so there was no reason she should be getting up this early. Hashidoi carefully examines her room.

Hashidoi lived in her loft apartment above her own restaurant. It was a rather convenient and self contained legal little set-up she had. There was however nobody around to be talking her awake. She was, as far as she knew, alone. The window was left open, however, and the wretched sun was interrupting her peace even further.

Hashidoi stares at the window, and she tells it, “No,” for many well thought out reasons. This does not however close the window to her dismay. The grumpy dragon lets out a long drawn out sigh of defeat.
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