Hashidoi throws her blanket up and reaches toward her gun to defend herself if needed.
“Excuse me, who do you think you are yelling at me in my own bedroom?”
I am the voice of The Magician, one of the Jianyu’s personal guard. Get up and go downstairs now. I am not patient, and I can fulfill my orders whether or not your restaurant is left in tact. Hurry up so I can leave this shithole, thank you.

Hashidoi is not happy about the way she is being spoken to, but she is aware of The Magician. She is has seen The Moon Guard in person at a distance once. The Magician was rather known for being selfish and violent. He could possibly blow up her whole home and business if he wanted.
Hashidoi exhales a rather downtrodden sigh. This was a pretty lose-lose situation. What an awful start to a day.
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