Hashidoi throws on her clothes and her gear and she finishes dressing herself as she goes down the stairs toward the sidewalk level door. She can sense The Magician through the door. Arguably the third strongest living thing on the planet. She did not like him but she wasn’t going to get herself killed if she couldn’t do much about it, definitely not worth losing her restaurant she’d actually earned herself.

Hashidoi was a well known thief gone officer through Jianyu’s good graces back when she was conscripted. She has been clean a long time but the Mystic had seemed to enjoy reminding her.

Good, not as fast as I’d like but still acceptable. If I told you someone was going to die at the Festival, how would you feel Hashidoi?”
He pauses to laugh and he slides something Hashidoi cannot make out from his cloak.
”Jianyu sent me to give you a present for you and your friends. You can all witness death together. Like a horrible family.
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