Hashidoi stares at the tickets for a while. The Magician was gone without much of a trace. If the dragon was not holding the tickets in her hand she might dismiss it all as an unpleasant night terror. She calls the Lilac Inn.
“Hello? Are either Further or her snake friend in? They’ve both went out, okay. May I please leave a message for them? Okay thank you…”

✿ ~ ✿ ~ ✿ ~ ✿ ~ ✿ ~ ✿ ~ ✿ ~ ✿ ~ ✿

“Ma’am, you’ve been standing there for a while. Have you just never seen a brown haired man, before? If you want to become a Hunter, you need to sign the registration and waiver forms. Are you there?” The man working the office of the Hunter’s main guild office was rather confused at this fey wraith in front of him.

After a pleasant night, Further had followed through with going out to get a job. While it was an unstable job, it was said to earn between 400-2000 Rays a week. She’d get paid more if she can complete harder jobs.

“V-very sorry, sir. I have literally never seen a human in my life. I’d certainly heard the population was starting to recover but --I should probably sign.”
“Yes, thank you. The girl behind you has been waiting very quietly,” the man of clerical duty sighed.
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