Further reviews her agreement with the Hunters. As long as Further completes one contract in a week she will be paid a living wage of 255 Rays in addition to whatever the mark awards. This does not apply once a Hunter achieves a higher rank, the highest two ranks only need to complete one mark a month. Further can worry about that later.

She is suggested one of three starting marks, and how well Further does on said job will determine her rank, and could in fact give her an immediate rise in weekly wages.

“Yeah, so uh… If you want an easier hunt, hunt down some Navdeer outside of town and bring us back the meat for vendors and restaurants. It’s not likely to raise your rank, but there’s little risk. There’s a Basalisk that has been harassing people on the edge of town and we need a slightly experienced hunter to take it down. Lastly, if you feel confident or suicidal there’s an outlaw around town named Yingti who has been tormenting people. He’s very dangerous, and the payout is the same dead or alive.”

“Aaa, well I will need a moment, Mister…”
“Maluo, sorry...” He sighs once more.

Further turns toward the small oni girl while she is thinking about her mark.
“I’m sorry for holding you up, I might be a minute if you want to talk to the man.”
“OH! It’s perfectly fine,” She claps her hands together and approaches the desk, “Mister Maluo, I would like your absolutely most dangerous mark you have.”
“Wh-wha..” Maluo’s befuddlement hints that this girl may not be a known registered hunter.
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