“Okay, uh. Little girl, the top class Hunter Marks are reserved for only the highest rank members. I can’t even show Further here any of them since she just started. What credentials do you have to take a mission here?” Maluo very awkwardly tries to stand his ground and explain to the oni girl without being mean.

He is met with a giggle, “Oh! Well I shouldn’t need to register to be a Hunter.”
“Wh-WHAT? This is the Hunters’ main office. Our jobs are just for Hunters. This isn’t a game, okay. Please I am trying to work here,” Maluo seems to be getting more frustrated as time goes on. He isn’t quite prepared to deal with children, they don’t really come into the building.

“You are very cute, sir! Well you see there’s a big strong man named The Swordsman who worked for Jianyu. He was probably the closest friend our Emperor ever had…” She trails off in a sing song voice, taunting the human maybe.
“Yes, I know of The Swordsman. He… died a few years back, if I recall correctly. It was a time of mourning for the nation. I be--” The Oni cuts him off.
She slides an Emperor sealed and signed identification card toward the man.

“I am The Swordsman’s replacement. Emperor Jianyu told me you have to give me the biggest baddest mark you have. Don’t worry, I can take care of it for your town. It just seemed like a fun thing to do!”

Maluo is speechless. Further does not believe they are going to be splitting a mark at this point.
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