“I have to concede that being a member of the Moon Guard does in fact qualify you to take care of those kinds of jobs. I am very sorry, I had no way of knowing you were-- you are sm-- I uhm. I’m sorry, Lady Cibai.” Maluo rubs the back of his neck and looks away. Going through files to find the high rank Marks for the deceptive oni.

“Hello, Guardian Cibai. My name is Further. Very nice to meet you, you are very adorable!” Further wasn’t sure if she meant for that last part to slip out, but it was a little late now.

“You can just call me The Swordsman if you want, or Cibai. Either work. I knew your name Further. Just pretend I am invisible if you can, okay. We’re not supposed to hang out until tomorrow. At least I hope so, don’t die today, please!” She giggles, although with the timing it was rather heart piercing.
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