"I will do my absolute best to not die anymore, Cibai. I can't make any promises, I seem to be pretty good at dying if I do say so myself," Further poses proudly and turns to Maluo who is nervously going between couple of the most dangerous marks in the files. "I will hunt down the Basilisk. Is there anything I should know about them?"

"Uh, yeah. Don't get turned to stone, good luck?... Miss Swordsman, I need to take you to another room to discuss the Mark. These ones are pretty hush hush."
"Okay, Mister Mal-Mal. Goodbye Further! You might want to contact your friend soon."
"Why?" Further asks, but Maluo and Cibai disappear behind a door.

"Well, time to go kill me a monster, so I can pay my rent."
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