Further decides to find a payphone on the way to the outskirts of the town where the Basalisk has been sighted. During her trek she stops at a payphone and spends a single Ray to call and leave a message for Krasavits. She wanted to talk directly, but like Hashidoi before her she discovers that the Lamia had left the Inn to work.
“You have another message once you return to the Lilac Inn, Miss Further. It was left for you and Miss Krasavits by a ‘Hashidoi’,” Louju makes sure to let the guest know before the call ends.

Meyeri was having a rather typical day at the clinic. The state provided healthcare to virtually anyone in need. There was not a lot of worry for the Orca. They would be paid for their expertise whether or not a dying whale of a client fell in their lap or if people were healthy and came in regularly.
The Festival was tomorrow. This left Meyeri pondering on what they was going to wear in Hashidoi’s company tomorrow. It’d been a while since they had thought a lot about their apparel.
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