“I apologize for not appearing to focus on you, miss Ewelinda. Tomorrow is the Festival, I’ve been looking forward to it very much.”
“Oh,” there is a slight pause while the patient rubs her neck, “I have taken some pain relievers for the cramps, but I don’t have anything at home for losing my voice, or the dizziness. I’ve been feeling really awful and it’s been about two days so I figured I’d come to see you.”

Meyeri uses their expertise in Diagnosis for the purpose of examining the sheep and the information given. They believe they know what is wrong which is fortunate. They likely missed a bunch of information not paying attention, so it was nice to be able to reassure her. “Please just come back with me to the office for a quick checkup so I can look you over and figure out the best means to make you well. I’ll do my best to ask questions so you don’t need to strain your voice anymore.”
Thank you..”

Crisis averted, but Meyeri decides that they will focus on work until the general walk-in hours are over. A fun game of treatment, charades, and prescription writing was in their near future.
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