Hashidoi ushers Further into a chair.
A bowl is placed in front of Further and the strong scented fish soup is poured into the bowl slowly. The heat rising from the freshly boiled soup.
“May I get some bread with my soup, please?” Further inquires.
“My fried bread is more of a dessert, but I could find some softer bread for your soup if that is what you want.”
“Give me a second to think about that. What's going on in this town. You're the only person I know so far, which is probably lucky for me. Is there anything I should know around here, any event coming up?”
“There is going to be a concert in the village in a couple of days. It is a huge event. They say some of the Emperor's personal guard will be here and possibly the Emperor himself. As such a small place, it's an honor. You should certainly come, but Tickets are expensive with such little time left.”
In the background you can hear some man on the news, the Chief of the Arts to the Mayor of Hongni talking about the same event.

Once the soup is poured, Hashidoi gets her drink and clinks the bottom of her glass with yours and you both take a small drink.
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