A tall lanky figure looms on the outside of Meyeri’s Clinic. The figure just stares inside.

Ewelinda is still very relieved at how much the healing touch had improved her overall ailments. The sheep has her back to the door, which means she cannot see the stranger. “Thank you so much, Doctor Meyeri. I am very sorry for doubting you were listening to me earlier.”

Meyeri had immediately snatched up a pad so they can write the prescription for the very satisfied patient. Meyeri’s focus being on their job and imagining the fish ball noodle soup they were going to grab for lunch also prevented the orca to not notice the masked being.

“It is not a problem, Miss Ewelinda. Just take care of yourself and do your best to enjoy the Festival tomorrow, alright?” Meyeri scrawls their signature down. Ewelinda bleats joyfully and waits patiently for her prescription and debriefing.
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