It takes as long as Dooryard estimated, which forces Meyeri on a tight schedule to make it back to their clinic. Meyeri does not vocalize their schedule, but the pseudo-dragon was familiar with the clinic’s working hours.
“I am very sorry about keeping you so long. I was working late last night but I could have easily done this first thing in my shop.”
“Relax, Dooryard. I should have called before I got ready to pick up my order. Just have a good night, the Festival is in the morning.”
“I have to work tomorrow, though.”
“Oh, well that’s unfortunate, but you got to enjoy your flowers today.”
They were right. Dooryard smiled.

Further stood at the outskirts of town, having followed the Hunters’ directions, and asking people in the area. She could sense that the Basilisk was around, but couldn’t determine where.
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