Further finishes off the soup and bread separately. The two do not complement each other very well, but individually they were both tasty, and filling. The sweet bread is more of a dessert, and covered in a sweetened glaze. At the very least, Further has had her fill for a few hours.
“Would you care to tell me more about Meyeri, Hashidoi?” Further inquires.
The inquiry is met with excitement, and gushing almost instantly, as if the dragon had waited for Further to ask the question.
“Meyeri is an incredible healer that works at the clinic here. Back in the military, Meyeri was a phenomenal soldier. Received a direct commendation from the Emperor. All of that makes is enough to make Meyeri a dreamy orca, but Meyeri is also an incredible drink mixer. I can mix a drink or two, but I am no where near as talented.”
“Sounds like Meyeri is very important to you. I am very interested in attending the festival, what do you think my price range is for trying to get a ticket.”
“If you're lucky, you might get one for a couple hundred Rays, but you'll have to look around pretty diligently. The only kind of people I think would give up a ticket are the ones who bought tickets specifically to hock them.”
“Well, it was very nice meeting you. I need to check in at the Inn.”
“It'll be 11 Rays for the meal. Restaurant's closed with you gone. Would you mind if I joined you?”
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