“Miss Librarian, are you going to the Festival tomorrow?”
“Oh I HAVE to be there, my lovely tiny man is going to be there with me and I have to make sure he is safe, like a precious baby.”
“Wow, what a lucky guy! What’s his name?”
“Oh, everyone knows him.”
“Is he a celebrity or something?”
“Jianyu is so gentle and considerate, he’s smiled for me like three times!”

Krasavits pauses, she knew of a Jianyu, but didn’t think this giant bookworm was talking about the same one. The snake inquires for clarification, “Aha, Emperor Jianyu? The emotionless immortal.”
“YEAH, he helps me find ALL OF THE books.”

There is a lengthy pause, Krasavits is incredibly embarrassed to be assigning menial tasks to a lady who seems to be the leader of the nation’s girlfriend. Eventually the pause is broken when The Librarian squeals and hands over a book, the page displaying the specific rendition of the song they were looking for.
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