Krasavits decides to stick around and talk to the Librarian more. Now that she has the book with the song she is to sing for the next day, she shows the big abnormal dragon like being the Coin that she was given by the mysterious masked figure earlier.

“Do you know anything about this?”
“OH WOW. You bet your cute little fangs I do. This coin is from back during the Age of Order. About a millennia old or so. This was printed during the reign of the final King before the land was corrupted.

The Kingdom of Rotarm was one of the first nations in the world of Eight. It is past the desert and over the mountains on the far west of this continent. The southern continent of was eventually established Amaranton. Mingxia developed to the east, and far over the ocean independently were the lands of the Folitus and Buena Vida.
The Prince and the Princess noticed some foul evil about to burst and they damned Rotarm. Some say for selfish reasons, some say to save their father, some say to confine the horrors. Few go toward the Castle of Rotarm, not many have layed eyes and survived.
This coin is old, but links to rather unfortunate events really…”

Krasavits listens with great interest. She won’t be home for some time.
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