Further arrives back at the Lilac Inn, and is immediately called over by Louju.
“Welcome back, Miss Further. Your fellow room dweller has not returned, before you ask. I have not heard from her. I did however receive these two tickets from the lady Hashidoi who stopped by. These are for you and Krasavits for the Festival,” There is a pause, followed by the most dry, “lucky you,” that Further had ever heard.

“Uh, thank you. I’m really tired from work, and I guess I have to go to the festival tomorrow. Please tell Krasavits about them and to hurry to the room when she gets back, okay? Thank you Louju.”

“It is my pleasure to serve my guests. I will let her know upon her arrival. The most pleasant dreams will be yours, Miss Further,” Louju returns to her calm apathetic gaze toward the front door.
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