“I trust you have all completed your tasks,” and the Guardians all nod politely in response.
“It is important that I see those five after the ceremony.”
The Magician speaks up, “Master Jianyu, why are you putting your trust in these regular people? They’re nobodies. We could do these things easily.”

“I was once an orphan raised by our church, you must let the butterflies emerge.
The citizens of our country are all valuable. If you did the things I am asking of them, it would be obvious, and it would be loud and messy. If they rise above nobodies, as you call them, it will happen after they have helped Mingxia.” Jianyu speaks slow, and firm. He’s not angry, but the four can see he could be easily despite how dull and expressionless the man was.

“Kiimarda, I will stay with you tonight.” The emperor turns his head, “All my work comes to bloom starting tomorrow. It is unfortunate that people must die for it to happen. Rest well.”

End of the second day.
End of the Session.
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