Golden Rule:
Please do not feel limited by the mechanics of the system that Lilac runs on. Characters are free to do realistic and/or believable actions.

Skills, Traits, Blessings:
Skills & Actions intended for a roll – Please put in [Brackets]
Skills use Willpower to use, whether physical, Spiritual, or Mental.
Channeling a Trait or Blessing – Please put in {Curly Braces}
Traits being used to benefit the player cost a Fate point.
Traits being used to hinder the player significantly gain a Fate point.
Blessings are based on Spirit, and are spent to improve one roll.

Structure: The story will focus almost entirely on the characters already introduced: Further, Hashidoi, Krasavits, Meyeri, and Dooryard.
The story will mainly be from their perspective who is controlled. If not explicit stated otherwise, suggestions to the five members of the group are welcome.

This next section is not required!
Explanations of the character's primary & secondary stats, Traits, and Skills.

The system runs on 3d6 rolls either against a flat check, or a combatative roll against opponent(s). Most rolls are done against the five base stats and modifiers, whether bonuses for skills or advantages, or penalties for difficulty.

STR: Strength. Melee prowess and physical power.
END: Endurance. Stamina and health.
REF: Reflex. Speed and dexterity.
MEN: Mental. Wit, Perception, and Psychic Affinity.
SPI: Spirit. Faith, Intuition, and Magical Affinity.

Secondary stats are mostly based on the base stats. They can all be expended or gained.

Life is the character's overall level of health. If they reach zero they are unconscious, and if they reach a negative amount inverse of their maximum health, they are considered dead. Death can only be circumvented by a few things in the world, and none of them are easy or guaranteed.
Willpower is similar to, “MP,” in that it is used to access special skills like special moves, magic, and psychic abilities.
Resources can be used in tandem with crafting skills. They allow for some leeway in inventory management as well, but all uses can be scrutinized and should make logical sense for the character.
Fate Points are used by channeling a Trait to give your character an advantage. Traits can also be channeled in negative ways and allow you to earn Fate Points.
Blessings are used to improve rolls. They can be initiated by GM or Players. If a Player initiates it for an action then the bonus is given before taking it. If the GM decides to fudge a roll ever so slightly to protect the character (if they have Blessing(s)), then they are saved at the cost of a Blessing.

Traits are aspects of the character which can use Fate Points for their benefit, or earn Fate Points for their disadvantage.

Inventory Management
ORBS: Magic based. Immediate equipment change. Easily detected.
GEAR: Physical based. Bonus defense when idle. Slow inventory swaps.
BLNK: Psychic based. Increased Stealth. Costs willpower to use.
NONE: Person based. Sleight of hand. Reduced carrying capacity.

Skills are declared actions that a character is proficient in doing. There are three skill groups, and four main skill types.

General: A broad and varied skill that allows the character to perform a large number of things centered around the subject. Can be used in combat with ease.
Specific: A single action or type of action with limited parameters the character is capable of. These can also be used in combat.
Mundane: Often broad abilities that the character can do, but they take time. Usually hobbies, or crafts. These are the easiest to level and are considered long actions. Difficult to do in combat. Usually don't expend any consumable stats except Resources.

Proficiencies: Allows the character to skillfully wield weapon(s) or armor. Do not expend Willpower or Resources, but are dependent on the item the character is proficient in being present.
Abilities: Magic, Psychic, or Physical skills that the character has to fatigue themselves with in order to do something beneficial or damaging against a target. Expend willpower to use. These skills are usually obvious, but clarification can be made.
Crafting: The character can create something, or change things into something useful. These usually require the correct location, Resources, and time.
Sense: Communication abilities, Knowledge bases, and honed senses fall into this category. Most don't cost anything to use.

Points/Rays: The monetary system in the setting is usually referred to as Points, but prices for most basic supplies are denoted in Rays.

Most of the mechanics are fairly intuitive, and any questions are welcome and should be answered.
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