[ chigui quests ]
✿ Lilac (Active)
Lawyer Dog is Right For Once {silly, not in Brackets Universe}
Lawyer Dog is Right For Once: Olympic Challenge (Active)
Bubble Bucket {13 chapters, time investment}
Pit, Tear, and _____ Trilogy {Tragedy}
Last Words
I Can Feel It
Lotus Lamps {Indefinite Hiatus}

[ active quests ]
will change monthly
Gnoll's Bane
Conspiracy of Wasps
Panic Galaxy
Frillsby & Gallsby
Wholesome Quest
Cutebold Slaughter Fest
Fen Quest (remix)

[ completed quests ]
static, will only grow
Book of Worms
Flight of the Last Sparrow
Bite Quest
Frisbee Quest
Colony Guard
Knight Blades
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